Frequently Asked Questions - Public Works

FAQs - Public Works
Notify the Atlantic City Electric Company online by clicking here.
If you missed the scheduled pickup, the trucks will not go back and pick them up. You will need to take your leaves to the Galloway Road Convenience Center or wait for the next pickup if there is one scheduled.
Yes, you will need to acquire a driveway apron permit through the Galloway Township Public Works Department. You will be given a diagram with requirements and this permit will require an application fee.
Contact the Public Works Department at (609) 652-3700 ext 244 during office hours or contact police dispatch after hours at (609) 652-3705. We will respond and determine responsibility and advise or correct the problem. Please be aware that the homeowner is responsible from the house to the curbside lateral and the Township is responsible from the curbside lateral and roadway.
The public water is through New Jersey American Water Company. The 24 hour Customer Care Center number is 1-800-652-6987.
Household trash and recyclables are privately contract out by the homeowner. Galloway Township does not provide trash or recyclable pickup.
Bulk items are privately contracted out by the homeowner or you may haul your item(s) to the Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) located in Egg Harbor Township. For more information contact the ACUA at (609) 272-6950 or on the web at Either way there will be a charge to dispose of these items.
If the pot hole is located on a county road, you will need to notify the county by calling 1-888-426-9243 or by clicking here.
If the pot hole is located on a state road, you will need to notify the state by clicking here.
If the pot hole is located on a township road, you will need to contact the public works department at (609) 652-3700 ext. 244 during business hours.
The Atlantic County Road Department's telephone number is (609) 645-5830.
  •  Aloe Street
  •  Bremen Avenue (Atlantic Avenue to Indian Cabin Road)
  • Clarks Landing Road
  • Cologne Avenue (Hamilton Township border to Moss Mill Road)
  • Cologne-Port Republic Road
  • Duerer Street
  • English Creek Road
  • Jimmie Leeds Road
  • Leeds Point Road
  • Moss Mill Road
  • Motts Creek Road
  • Old New York Road
  • Oyster Creek Road
  • Pitney Road
  • Pomona Road
  • Race Track Road
  • Sixth Avenue
  • Smithville Boulevard
  • Tilton Road
The New Jersey Department of Transporation's telephone number is (609) 588-6213.
  • New York Road (Route 9)
  • Philadelphia Avenue (Route 50)
  • White Horse Pike (Route 30)
If the deer is on a state road (see above for list & number) you will need to call the state.
If the deer is on a county road (see above for list & number) you will need to call the county.
If the deer is on a township road you can call the public works department 8:30am to 4:30pm at (609) 652-3700 ext. 244.

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