Township Council Meetings to Resume in Person

BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Township of Galloway has decided starting June 15th that all council meetings will now be in-person. The second and fourth Tuesday of each month usually are designated as the time for regular Council Meetings for the year 2021 and said meetings shall be held in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building at 300 East Jimmie Leeds Road, Galloway, NJ 08205 and convene at 6:30PM prevailing time unless otherwise noted. The months of June, July and August only one council meeting is scheduled.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED by the Council of the Township of Galloway that Executive Sessions may be held immediately following every Regular Meeting.
*June 15th, 2021 – 3rd Tuesday
July 13th, 2021
August 10th, 2021
September 14th, 2021
September 28th, 2021
October 12th, 2021
October 26th, 2021
November 9th, 2021
November 23rd, 2021
December 14th, 2021

**December 28th, 2021 – Start time is 5:00 PM
*3rd Tuesday
**Beginning at 5:00 pm
Kelli Danieli, RMC
Township Clerk
Galloway Township


Following closure for COVID19 and the completion of a construction project, Imagination Station is again open to the public as of July 20, 2020.

A Message from the Mayor & Council

June 5, 2020

Dear Galloway Residents,

We stand together. We stand together to support the right for peaceful, inclusive, powerful protests.  We stand together as a community against racism, against police brutality, against violence and destruction.  We stand together to support our medical personnel, our police, firefighters and EMTs, our essential workers.  We stand together to support our local businesses, and we stand with all of the residents of Galloway Township.  We will do everything we can to help our Township come through these difficult times and come out stronger on the other side.

Stay well,

Galloway Township Council

 Jim Gorman     Mary Crawford       Rich Clute       Tony Coppola 

Tony DiPietro     Robert Maldonado      Frank Santo

Letter of Support

July 1, 2020

Chief Higbee,

Please let your department know that this Council stands with our police force and has our full support.  The last few months have been challenging for all – your officers have risen to that challenge and showed what a professional, responsive and respectful department that we have here in Galloway.  Please know that we appreciate all that has been done.

Thank you and stay safe.

Mayor and Council

A Message from the Mayor & Council

April 27, 2020

Dear Galloway Residents:

Challenging.  Unprecedented.  Extraordinary.  These are just a few of the words used to describe these times we are now in.  We would like to take this moment to acknowledge and express our gratitude to some folks who are stepping up in our community:

         All those working in the medical facilities from doctors and nurses to cleaning crews and food service workers

¨           Our first responders – what can we say – they are the best!

¨           Our Township employees, many working staggered shifts and hours to continue to provide services to our residents

¨           Our essential businesses and their workers for keeping us provided with the goods and services we need

¨           The neighbors, friends, and volunteers who are checking in on those who may need assistance – you are what makes Galloway strong!

¨           The teachers and the parent-teachers who are doing everything they can to keep their students on track

Here are some updates from Council:

     The 2020 Budget was passed with a slight decrease in our Municipal tax rate

¨           A resolution was passed to allow for a prohibition of new transient rentals in hotels and motels in our Township with exceptions as provided by the State

¨          Our next Council meeting will take place via Zoom on Tuesday, April 28th at 6:30 pm.  The meeting will be broadcast on Channel 97 and streamed live from our Township website. The public will be able to participate by phone and those instructions will be posted on the Township website, Facebook page and on Channel 97. 

¨          REMINDER – be sure to complete your 2020 Census!  This will impact aid, grants, representation and more for the next decade so be sure to be counted.

 We thank our residents for following the social distancing guidelines.  The more we stay apart from each other now – the sooner we can all be together safely.

Stay safe!

Mayor Jim Gorman & Council

3rd Quarter Tax Bills

Why am I getting an estimated 3rd Quarter tax bill?

Due to COVID-19, the State has recommended that all municipalities send out estimated 3rd Quarter tax bills because the State’s budgetary process will be delayed until late September. 

Why is my estimated 3rd Quarter tax bill higher? 

There is uncertainty with regard to State aid and the estimated 3rd Quarter bill allows us to collect any unforeseen increases over two quarters rather than one.  If the increase is not needed, tax payers will see a reduction in the 4th Quarter bills.  It is only an estimate and not a final bill.

A Message from the Mayor & Council

April 6, 2020

Dear Galloway Residents,

According to medical professionals, the next couple of weeks will be some of the most difficult ones that we, as Americans, will face during this pandemic.  We are fortunate to be in southern NJ and have not had to face as extensive an outbreak as in other parts of our state.  Still, there continues to be more confirmed cases in Atlantic County and, sadly, one death as of April 5th according to the Atlantic County Division of Public Health.

By continuing social distancing and limiting your time in stores and offices, we can all play a part in keeping our community safe. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention now recommends wearing face coverings while in public settings.  Reminder, that keeping a safe distance is still the most important action you can take.

These are very difficult times for many in our Township.  Please know your Township remains committed to providing support and services while keeping our employees healthy.  Thank you for taking COVID-19 seriously. The sacrifices you’re making during this time – closing businesses, canceling gatherings and social distancing from those you love – are not in vain. These are incredibly important as we are doing all we can to slow the spread and flatten the curve of this pandemic.  The more we do now, the faster we will get back together again!

Be well,

Mayor Jim Gorman and Council

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