A Message from the Mayor & Council

April 6, 2020

Dear Galloway Residents,

According to medical professionals, the next couple of weeks will be some of the most difficult ones that we, as Americans, will face during this pandemic.  We are fortunate to be in southern NJ and have not had to face as extensive an outbreak as in other parts of our state.  Still, there continues to be more confirmed cases in Atlantic County and, sadly, one death as of April 5th according to the Atlantic County Division of Public Health.

By continuing social distancing and limiting your time in stores and offices, we can all play a part in keeping our community safe. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention now recommends wearing face coverings while in public settings.  Reminder, that keeping a safe distance is still the most important action you can take.

These are very difficult times for many in our Township.  Please know your Township remains committed to providing support and services while keeping our employees healthy.  Thank you for taking COVID-19 seriously. The sacrifices you’re making during this time – closing businesses, canceling gatherings and social distancing from those you love – are not in vain. These are incredibly important as we are doing all we can to slow the spread and flatten the curve of this pandemic.  The more we do now, the faster we will get back together again!

Be well,

Mayor Jim Gorman and Council